How to recover files you accidentally deleted

You’ve been working tirelessly on a project for your boss – only to accidentally turn it off. All that hard work and data is lost. now what?

Well, thankfully there are a few ways to recover files when you accidentally deleted them. You can recover them or even use cloud backup so that your files are safe no matter what. Kim’s choice? I drive. Tap or click on 90% off your first year with IDrive.

If you’re looking for ways to recover that Word document or photo that you accidentally tossed in the trash, here are some easy tips to protect yourself.

first look around
Even if you think you have deleted a file, it may still be hidden somewhere. So try to find it first. It’s relatively the same on both Windows and Mac. Simply go to the Search feature on your computer to find the title of your document or photo.

There are third party apps out there whose sole purpose is to recover lost documents. Programs like Recuva can be installed and used to find recently removed programs. It scans your hard drive, and you can drag anything important back to your computer.

Locate Restore Files

Windows has a location that stores files when they are deleted, and sometimes you can recover them if you know where to look.

Mac. Feather
Mac, of course, is a different animal than Windows. But there are still ways to find your files if they start missing.

from the dustbin

Often, when you delete a file, it ends up in the Trash can. If you haven’t emptied it recently, you may be able to get it back.

Use a Cloud Backup Service
Cloud backup service is the best way to accidentally delete files and protect yourself from hackers or ransomware at the same time. Cloud backup services ensure that no matter what happens to your computer, all your files are safe elsewhere.

A cloud service like our sponsor, IDrive, gives you an easy and secure way to back up all your files on every device. All your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and even Android devices are covered by just one account.

This is an excellent option for both individuals and small businesses looking to keep their data secure. Better yet, access your data from anywhere at any time with your mobile phone.

Ready to make cloud backup for yourself? Kim made it easy, tap or click here to save 90% on 5TB cloud backup today with iDrive.

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