You should start clearing cookies from your phone – Here’s how

You probably know by now that big tech companies like Google, Apple and Amazon are chasing your every click. This is a great way for them to pinpoint your preferences so they can choose ads that are personalized to you. But you might not know how these companies are tracking you.

It’s all thanks to cookies—and we’re not talking about the kind you’d find in a bakery. Cookies are small pieces of data that track your online activity as you move from site to site. Tap or click here to delete all those annoying tracking cookies on your PC.

You will also find cookies on your smartphone. They can save your passwords and help you log on more easily, but they can also collect so much data that it can feel difficult. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide so you can make those cookies crumble forever.

how to clear your cookies
First of all you have to go to the settings of your smartphone. From there, scroll down to the list of apps. Whether your browser of choice is Safari, Chrome or DuckDuckGo, we’ve got you going every step of the way.

1. Start with Safari
If you use the Safari browser a lot, this is a good place to start your cache-clearing adventures.

If you have an iPhone, here’s what to do: Pop into Settings and tap Safari. Tap Clear history and website data. Apple will tell you, “Clearing will delete history, cookies, and other browsing data.” Your screen will look like this:

Then, tap on Clear to proceed. By clearing your cache, you’ve freed up a ton of storage. It helps with slowness or other browser issues, which means your phone may run faster than before!

Unfortunately, there is no official Safari browser on Android. There are imitators, but we don’t recommend them. If you’re more of a Chrome fan, here’s what to do.

2. Remove Cookies from Chrome
If you’re a Chrome user instead, the process is a little different. Open Chrome browser for iPhone. Then, tap on the three dots in the bottom right corner and tap on Settings.

Now tap on Privacy and then tap on Clear browsing data. Check Cookies, Site Data, but uncheck the other items. Here’s what your screen will look like:

After that tap on Clear Browsing Data and tap on Done. It’s also a great way to check what data you want to clear. Pay attention to the Cached Images and Files option. Make sure it’s checked, tap Clear browsing data, and then confirm your choice.

Next, let’s look at another popular mobile browser.

3. Stop Cyber ​​Stalkers With Firefox
Firefox’s creator, Mozilla, puts privacy at the center of its operations. This browser blocks tracking cookies by default. This is a popular option for those who do not want third-party advertisers to collect their data.

There’s a caveat here, though. Firefox allows first-party cookies, which are stored by the website you are visiting.

Website owners collect analytics data from these cookies, remember your language settings, and more. Basically, they are all about personalizing your user experience. If you want to clear them, though, here’s how to do it on the iPhone.

For iPhone, open your browser and tap on the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner. From there tap on Settings.

Here’s another browser you might not know about. Opera was the first web browser on the market to offer a built-in VPN service for free. It is not the only one now, but it is still popular with the users.

4. Keep your privacy at center stage with Opera
This popular browser encrypts your data. It also offers a crypto-jacking protection feature, which minimizes the risk of your iPhone overheating or running out of battery while browsing the web. It also offers a built-in and optional ad blocker, which blocks intrusive ads.

If you’re an Opera user, here’s how to manually delete cookies. Open your browser on your Android or iPhone and tap the Opera icon in the lower right corner.

From there hit Settings. Which will take you to a new window. Scroll down and select Clear Browser Data. You will then have the option to delete cookies and site data, clear your browsing history, and even change your site settings.

Tap Cookies & Site Data to delete all your cookies. You’ll see a new option appear at the top of the window next to the Clear browser data header. Tap the Clear button and you are ready to go!

For good measure, tap Cached Images & Files to clear everything that’s slowing down your browser. Then, tap on the Clear button.

This is how you can clear cookies manually from most popular web browsers. But what if you didn’t have to take this step? Fortunately, you don’t always have to take the time to delete cookies.

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