10 best Chrome extensions to use with Google Drive

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers globally and wants to make our browsing experience as smooth as possible. You should know tap or click here for Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

The need for a seamless experience has slowly transformed Google Chrome into a powerhouse of integrated services, the easiest being Google Drive. It is used for storing multiple types of files as well as synchronizing them across apps and platforms. Who doesn’t need it in their life?

To make your life easier, there are countless extensions you can use with Google Drive. Unfortunately, you can’t add every extension out there, which is not what you want to do. To make your life a little more efficient, here are the 10 best Chrome extensions to use with Google Drive.

1. Save to Google Drive
The name gives it. With this extension, easily save everything you come across with a single click. You can also save the screenshot for later. You can also convert current web pages to PDF format and save them to Google Drive for later.

Reminiscent of Pinterest, this extension can save you a lot of time.

2. Checker Plus
Ever annoyed with opening documents one at a time just to find something? This is time consuming and frustrating. It can also be frustrating to look for edits or modifications made by other people on a shared Google Drive.

Checker Plus removes these unnecessary steps. Get updates whenever your documents are modified and browse without having to open your documents.

3. Any.do
Any.do is your new favorite planner, and it integrates directly with Google Drive. Create lists and tasks to share with others and store the information in Google Drive. All your tasks and lists will be integrated across all devices including your mobile.

4. Office Editing for Documents, Sheets and Slides
If you don’t have Microsoft Office or don’t want to invest in additional purchases, this extension will convert the files for you. Open and edit files from Office to Google Drive as easily as Google Docs.

You don’t have to worry about converting the document. Office editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides will do it for you. It will even convert your Google Doc back to its original format instantly.

5. Docs
Similar to the Office editing listed above, Docs allows you to sync a document with Google Drive and edit it in real time with other users viewing it. They can also edit at the same time. Need to make a grocery list with your husband? Add items from two different locations at the same time, then store the list in Google Drive.

6. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder
Another dead giveaway, share your screen and record it for employees or even technical issues to report. You can easily switch between taking a screenshot and recording your screen with the touch of a button.

7. Grammarly for Chrome
We cannot all be words. But even though we may not have the natural ability to twist a phrase, many of us still need to write professionally, whether for work or for other purposes. Enter the Grammarly for Chrome extension.

Grammarly integrates with hundreds of applications to check your grammar and spelling. Helping you write better emails, Word documents and messages, all with one extension.

8. Photopea
Storing lots of photos in Google Drive? Edit them all and create picture-perfect moments with the Photopea extension. It gives you more options than your average photo editor, including layers, text editing, and a number of handy adjustments.

9. DocHub – Sign PDF with Gmail
Not everyone has a scanner at home, so what do you do when you need to digitally sign documents? Enter DocHub, the absolutely free way to fill out, sign and submit PDF and Word documents. Need to fill out an online W2? DocHub makes it easy.

10. Google Translate
It’s a big world, and there are many languages ​​besides English. Google Translate can help you access foreign websites and understand information in any language. It is fast, easy and reliable.

It works well with Google Drive because it can translate any document or item stored from overseas or clients who prefer to write in their native language.

If you’re less concerned about efficiency and more concerned about your security online, check out these three browser extensions that will help keep your digital life secure.

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