5 essential steps to protect your computer from ransomware

We’ve all seen the news about the Fuel Pipeline ransomware attack lately. And some of us felt it at the gas pump. Tap or click here for a refresher on cyberattacks. It really pushed the ransomware into the public eye. We all knew it was dangerous, but suddenly, nothing was safe. Not even the government.

Cybercriminals trying to infiltrate government systems have been happening in many countries for years. Despite these lofty goals, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in, say, you.

Ransomware hackers will attack anyone, no matter how big or small, and no one is safe. If you’re justifiably scared, it’s time to learn how to defend yourself. Here are five essential steps to protect against ransomware.

How dangerous is ransomware?
Ransomware used to be one of a thousand different cyber attacks. Sadly, it has become one of the most dangerous online threats. According to a new report from Bitdefender, ransomware has increased by 485% from 2019 to 2020. This is more than any other online threat.

Whatever hackers are doing to step up their ransomware efforts, it is certainly working. So it is important to take the following steps to avoid becoming the next victim.

1. Get Started With a Solid Antivirus Solution
Browsing the internet without antivirus software is the worst thing you can do in today’s digital world. Ransomware scammers are looking for computers that do not have antivirus solutions or software with weak points.

It is important to keep your devices updated regularly and ensure that you have a robust ransomware protection product. Kim’s Choice is our sponsor, TotalAV. Not only does it provide you with firewall protection, but it also syncs across all your devices. For more information about TotalAV, tap or click here.

The good news: You can get this five-star protection at a huge discount. Our friends at TotalAV have a special deal just for you. Buy now and you can get real-time antivirus protection for all your gadgets at $100 off. Full year protection is only $19. You really can’t beat it.

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2. Get the Latest OS Patch
Computers come with a built-in operating system (OS) that comes with regular updates. If you don’t update your computer, you can leave critical security features broken, making them vulnerable to attack. Always download the latest OS updates. How to do this on both Mac and Windows.

3. Be suspicious of email and social media
Hackers love to lure you in with phishing scams and fake ads on social media. Click on the wrong thing, and you could end up with a device infected with ransomware or some other type of malware. For some recent examples of phishing scams, tap or click here.

The best way to avoid becoming a phishing victim is to avoid clicking on links or attachments you receive in unsolicited emails and texts. The message can be spoofed and may contain malicious links that will infect your device with ransomware. When in doubt, throw it out!

4. Always Have a Backup
Why is ransomware so successful? Because some of us cannot afford to lose our data, it will cripple our businesses and put us in difficult situations both financially and personally. But what happens when all your data is backed up and ransomware attacks you?

nothing. Because you have a backup. Hackers will be of no use if you have taken this important step. Companies like our sponsor, IDrive, provide cloud-based backups that protect your data so it doesn’t get lost.

With IDrive, you can back up all your PC, Mac and mobile devices in one account for one low cost. Get 50% off 5TB cloud backup at IDrive.com when you use promo code Kim at checkout.

5. Be aware of other users
If you share your computer with other people, especially children, you will want to take steps to prevent them from making your computer vulnerable. Explain to them the dangers of clicking on random links and give them the basics on how to stay safe online.

While ransomware is scary, these tips can help you stay safe online and avoid getting stuck in the wrong situation later. To keep yourself armed against other types of hackers, here’s the FBI’s top list of scams in 2020 and how to avoid them in 2021.

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