Apple makes big changes to keep AirTags from being used to track you

Face it: You’re human and you’re going to lose stuff. Where are the car keys when you need them most? Oh well, always in the last place you look. And where’s that remote control?

GPS trackers exist to help you keep track of your things, and Apple’s AirTags have exploded in popularity since they were introduced this year.

Connect one to anything and it will always be the first place you see it. However, they have more uses than the obvious. Consider tracking your kids and pets or tracking down a commonly stolen item like a purse. Tap or click here for 10 ways to use your AirTags.

However, all is not well in the world of these useful little gadgets. It turns out that they put your privacy at risk by using a function they were designed for. For more information, read.

Tracking more than just your stuff
It turns out that someone can use AirTag to track other people without their knowledge. They can slip it onto your person or an article of clothing or bag and then track you with their phone. It takes three days for the device to beep so that it can notify its missing owner of its presence. Imagine that someone is tracking your movements at that time.

Fortunately, Apple is taking this seriously and is changing the timing of alerts. It will now beep randomly between eight and 24 hours after being separated from its owner. Apple is also offering an Android app that will help users locate AirTag or any other Find My device that may be on them.

Can’t decide between Airtags and Tile trackers? Tap or click here to read our comparison.

updating your airtags
Like Apple’s AirPods, you don’t need to constantly update your Airtags. Firmware updates are installed automatically when the device is in range of your phone.

But you can check the firmware version by opening the Find My app and tapping on the Items tab. Tap Airtags from the list, then tap your Airtags and you’ll see the firmware version. Do you see 1.0.276? Then you have the latest update. If not, give it some more time.

Airtags aren’t always easy to find, but you can still find them online. Tap or click here to get yours.

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