Burglars don’t take vacations! How to protect your home before your next trip

One place that you should always feel safe is your home. However, securing your doors is not enough. What about your windows, cabinets, cupboards and safes? Security can range from theft to natural disasters.

A comprehensive security system may cover all the bases but what do you really need for your home? Tap or click here for an affordable and easy to install solution.

Your home is most at risk when you are away. Thieves are more likely to target an empty house. If you’re itching to travel, and who isn’t these days, we can help you reduce your risk of theft while you’re out.

The first rule of vacation is don’t talk about vacation
We got it. You are excited to broaden your horizons after staying connected during the pandemic. You have been vaccinated and your transportation and flights booked. Check out our five smart travel tips before you go and enjoy your trip!

Don’t let your enthusiasm overwhelm you. You can safely tell trusted friends and family about your plans but think twice before broadcasting your trip on social media. You don’t need to pass that information on to the wrong people. You can post everything you want when you return.

Here are some more ways to my peace when you’re traveling.

1. Pretend that someone is at home
Drive the thieves away before they even reach your home by pretending that no one ever left. Lights set on automatic timers are old news and just not enough anymore. Thanks to smart home technology and voice assistants, you can do more.

If you have an Amazon Echo or Google Nest, you can set up custom routines to not only turn your lights on and off, but your TV, sound system, and even bark like a guard dog Too. Tap or click here for five smart routines for Alexa.

To set up a routine with the Amazon Echo, start by opening the Alexa app and tapping the hamburger navigation button in the bottom-right corner. Tap Routines then the plus icon to open a new Routines tab. When this happens, tap and choose what triggers the routine. Then tap Add Action to enter the result.

For Google Nest, open the Google Home app and tap Routines and select the routine you want to edit and then select the actions you want. You can tap Home & Away Routines, then tap Away to adjust devices and settings when you’re not at home.

2. Enable Alexa Guard
Think of Alexa Guard as a friend who watches the house when you’re not home. Alexa can detect sounds like broken glass and alert you. You can get a short sound clip of the sound so you can decide what to do next. Guard can also control your smart lighting and electronics so that potential burglars can think you’re Netflix and chilling when you’re not even there.

To enable Guard, open the Alexa app and tap the menu hamburger icon then Settings. Scroll down and tap on the Guard option and then the gear icon. Select your choice and the guard is ready to do his job.

3. Package
Packages left on the front porch not only attract package thieves, but they also let everyone know that no one is home. Before you leave, check if anything is arriving in the mail. If so, use the services to get them off your door.

With Amazon Key, your packages are kept in the garage. You are kept informed of the progress of the package until it is delivered. You can link a compatible camera to see the delivery in real time. You will need a myQ Smart Garage Hub to use this service.

You can divert the package to the nearest Amazon locker completely away from your home. Tap or click here to find your nearest one.

4. DIY Security Cameras
While security systems are becoming more affordable, they are not exactly cheap. The foundation of any system is a camera. A motion-activated security camera doesn’t capture criminal activity, but can also help you see your pet when you’re not at home. All you need is a phone, tablet or laptop/computer with a webcam.

Go to Critter.Camera and open the app. Enable permissions on your device and point it where you want to focus. Choose a stable surface and avoid any direct light that can mess with the picture. Press START to calibrate the program to make sure there is no movement during this process. Once it’s done, your device will snap images of any movement.

5. SimplySafe
A complete home security system usually requires a large investment and a team of technicians to come up with from your home, doesn’t it? Wrong. You can do all the work yourself without breaking the bank thanks to our sponsor SimplySafe.

You want full coverage, including your security camera, doorbell camera, motion sensor, alarm, and more.

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