How to get photos and texts off a broken phone

You dropped your phone in a glass of water. it happens. We are not judging you. Or maybe you dropped it by accident and broke the screen so it no longer turns on. However you broke your phone, it can be very frustrating.

What happens to all your data other than replacing your phone? We always recommend that you back up your phone. If you want to protect other data, here are 5 ways to back up your data like a pro.

But if you haven’t backed it up manually, how do you get the data back? The process varies depending on which phone you have, so let’s take a look at how to recover photos and texts from a broken phone for both iPhone and Apple.

Back up your data to the cloud or Google Drive
This is the best case scenario, no matter what happened to your phone. If you back up your data regularly, it is relatively easy to recover and recover your information. Tap or click here to learn how to back up your data.

Here’s how to get your information on both Android and iPhone.

You broke your iPhone or suffered major water damage
Regardless of how you break your iPhone, if you can’t turn it on or you can’t use it because the screen is defective, your first step is to head to an Apple Store.

The Apple Store “genius” is experienced with all things iPhone and can potentially recover your data and even rent you a replacement phone while you recover. If you want to troubleshoot this yourself at home, there are a few options:

replace screen yourself

If you have broken the screen, you can replace the screen yourself, although we do not recommend this. There are thousands of YouTube videos out there that walk you through the process, and you can easily get replacement glasses at a local retail store. If a broken screen is your only problem, this might fix it.

Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cord

If your phone isn’t working properly but still turns on, you may be able to sync it to your computer using a USB cord to recover data. Again, we recommend visiting the Apple Store for best results, but you can try it yourself and see if it works.

you broke your android phone
Android phones are different from iPhones because they don’t have the super handy help of the Apple Store. However, many of these previous tips still apply.

Your first step should always be to visit your phone manufacturer’s authorized retailer. They’ll probably have the best advice. But if they can’t help, you can also try third party repair shops or try to replace the screen yourself. But Android has an additional feature that Apple doesn’t have.

Your Android phone has a removable microSD card
Some Android phones come with a slot for a microSD card, and they can store all of your photos and text. If your phone has a slot and you have used it, then you are lucky. Simply remove the microSD card to recover your data.

Use a data recovery program
Many third-party data recovery programs will allow you to access your data from an Android phone even if it is unresponsive, locked and dead. Be sure to research reputable services before using one.

Breaking your phone is never fun, and it can be even more stressful when you’re worried that you might lose your data. The best offense is a good defense, so here’s how to protect your new tech gadget in just five minutes.

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