New podcast A threat to your online security hiding in plain sight

Did you know that many hackers are not humans but automatic attackers? This is right. Bots can launch attacks on your personal devices, from your Amazon Echo to your personal computer. In the latest Kim Komando explains, Kim dives into these big threats to your digital life.

Listen to it while you are driving, doing the dishes or sitting on your couch. You’ll learn a ton of valuable tips. Kim Sequence talks to security hacker Jason Kent about how bots can cause serious harm in real life. For example, did you know that someone can take over the smart devices in your home by manipulating your Internet-connected gadgets?

This is seriously scary stuff you need to know about. Knowledge is power, and it is the only way to protect oneself.

Creating Strong Passwords: Kim and Jason share their tricks for creating hard-to-crack passwords. They turn to password managers, password books, and even a surprising technique that Jason uses to never forget his password. (This is something you can start ASAP.)

How the Internet of Things Can Compromise Security: When you have Internet-connected devices, a single network breach can create a domino effect. Jason has some real-life examples to share. You have to watch out for some of these!

API Definition: This is a complex topic, but API technologies are worth diving into. Jason breaks down that technology to let you see your apps in a whole new light.

Bots as a Service: Service chatbots can be super helpful. Just imagine how chatbot AI can refund if you have any problem with online order. But hackers can turn them into Trojan horses for data breaches.

How to protect yourself: Kim and Jason have several tricks that can save your digital life ahead of time. You have to be careful, so that you don’t fall victim to a data breach.

There is much more in store. Listen to it and give it five stars wherever you find your podcast!

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