When it comes to backing up files, this is one mistake we wish

How many thumb drives do you have sitting around? You can call them USB drives or jump drives. They are small which is very easy to lose.

We hear all the time from readers who are still storing important documents, photos, and videos on thumb drives. What happens if you chase a squirrel away and can’t find it? This is right. Those files are gone too.

Don’t take the chance Most online backup services allow you to archive almost anything, but people often wonder which specific programs need to be backed up and which don’t. Should you back up some software programs as well? We turned to our sponsor, IDrive, for some insight. Tap or click here for 50% off your first year with IDrive services.

Which data should be backed up?

First and foremost, you should only back up selected files. Not your whole system.

Just remember this: If it can’t be changed, it has to be backed up. For most, this means backing up important documents, spreadsheets, photos, and videos. This includes anything you buy, such as music, movies, and other forms of entertainment.

You also need to consider the files that you create, edit, and access that can play an important role in getting your work done. For example, if you do creative work such as programming, video editing or photography, it’s important that you back up these files—especially any projects in progress.

Bottom line: No matter how big or small, back up the files that are important to you. Whether it’s important personal data like family pictures, settings for an important app, or even saved games, make sure you keep them safe.

Any installed programs and files woven into the operating system (OS) usually do not need to be backed up. This is because most of those files are unlikely to change and can simply be reinstalled if necessary. In addition, it is worth noting that software programs rarely work correctly when restoring from a backup.

Why You Should Trust IDrive

IDrive is an online cloud backup service that helps you easily and securely back up any of your data across different devices. You can think of it as a one-stop solution to a multifaceted, and often complex, process.

IDrive protects all your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices with just one account. Its versatile and user-friendly platform makes it easy to save and retrieve data for small businesses and personal use.

Use the IDrive app to access saved backup data from your computer, and download your documents, photos, and videos to any mobile device in a cinch.

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