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Technology has given us the tools to be more productive, but it has also added endless opportunities for distractions. Your smartphone gives you instant access to email, text, social media, the Internet, and more. Who can blame you for losing focus?

If you’re running a business, you want to balance productivity and workplace satisfaction. You can’t completely control what your employees are doing, but at the same time, you want things to get done. Tap or click here for tips on increasing workplace productivity.

Lists are a great way to track your tasks, but sometimes they can put you off. As your list grows, your chances of completing it decrease. The goal is to check things in on time, and a recent iOS update can help.

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Are you using the Notes app to create lists? This makes sense, as Apple also provides a check button for creating to-do lists. You can rearrange and indent items and move checked-off items to the bottom of the list. It’s a good idea to list things but what about organizing your technology? Tap or click here to see some gadget bags.

While the Notes app is helpful, you might want to try Reminders if you haven’t already. This app makes it easy to create and track your lists. You can create subtasks and add attachments and flags. Organize your lists into groups under custom headings such as school, work, shopping, and things around the house.

To create a reminder, open the app and tap New reminder. Enter a title and any note and tap List to set a location for the reminder. If you want to create multiple lists, tap Add List to the Reminders home screen and set a name, color, and symbol.

Now that you have your list of reminders, the next step is to complete them. Will you instead put things off the list when they need to be done, or will you deal with the items by their importance?

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Apple’s iOS 14.5 update recently launched, which includes several new features. Now you can unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch. App Tracking Transparency gives you more control over your privacy. Apple Maps can now track road hazards and speed traps.

The update is not without its hiccups. Tap or click here for more information on how this can affect your battery life.

The update also added more functionality to the Reminders app. You can now organize items in a list by date, time, location, and priority. Simply open a list, tap the three-dot icon, and tap Sort. The default setting is Manual, but you can also select from Due Date, Creation Date, Priority, and Title.

Once you start completing tasks, you get two new options for rearranging the list: Newest first and Oldest first.

You can manually move an item in a list at any time by touching and holding it, then moving it to a new location. If you want to find something quickly, enter a term in the search field above the reminder lists and tap Search.

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