Public bus service in Canada: for students, adults and seniors

There is 88 transit system(bus service) in 30 communities across British Columbia, it is outside of Great Vancouver area. These buses run different routes depending on the areas services are provided. For instance, in Prince George, bus run from 6am to 10pm only. But on somedays such as new Year eve(2nd Jan), buses run until 1am.

There usually 30 minutes time frame for each bus but on weekends or statutory holidays, it is extend to 1 hour.

You can check bus timing using different local transit schedules by downloading an application or printed paper placed besided driver seat in the bus.

Now, transit system has been improved from couple months and upgraded to exact time and location for the bus by installing translink throughout the British Columbia.

Please check the application down here to check the next bus near you if you are in Prince George.


Seating Plan: The first and foremost seats are arranged for Kids, special help people, seniors and pregnant women.

If you see somebody like this please leave the seat the person and look for another.


Bus service for students:

students travel for free as they have bus pass provided from the College or University in Prince George.

  • Steps:

Decided your route and show your Student id to the driver clearly and you are good to grab your seat.


If you don’t have a bus pass you can buy one for adults from shoppers or gas station. It might cost you less than $100 for a month.

If you would like to have number of transit in a day and dont need a monthly pass you can also pruchase a day pass which will cost you only $5 and tou can take or transfer to as many buses you want in a day. The day pass is only valid for the day mentioned on the pass.

click here to take a live tour for the buses in Canada.


check more detail on official BC government webiste


Eligibilty to get a reduced-cost pass,

  • 60 years or older and the spouse of the individual is receiving disabilty assistance from the governement and
  • 60 year or older receiving income assitamce from the designated provice.
  • the 60 yrs or older living ona first nation reserve and receiving assistancfrom the band office.
  • receiving OAS AND GIS
  • geting Federal spousal allowance.


It is cost around $45 per year from 1 January to 31 december only.

how to apply for senior bus pass

call at 1866 866-0800

then press option 2>press option 2 >press option 1.

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