Gyankunj 3.0 online Course on Diksha Portal

Gyankunj 3.0 online Course on Diksha Portal
Gyankunj is a school digitalization programme to enhance classroom interactivity and teaching-learning process with the help of technology tools, like Projector, Interactive Infrared Camera, Laptop, Speaker, Whiteboard, Wi-Fi Router Extender etc. It aims to reinforce teaching-learning and evaluation process. It includes,

Interactive e-Class with smart board developed through technology at school level

Facilities of projector, infrared camera, laptop, speaker, smart board, Wi-Fi router in 3173 classrooms of Std.7 and Std.8 at 1609 Government Primary Schools across the State

Provided 10,000 tablets to students of std.7 and std.8 at 100 schools for learning without burden

Teaching-learning through e-Content and resources available through internet for Std.5 to 8

Ease of curriculum understanding through technology

The initiative of "Gyankunj" project has been launched by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat on 5thSeptember, 2017 - Teacher’s Day to accelerate the efforts of Government of Gujarat in the area of digital education inspired from the vision of Digital India.

There was a growing need to bridge the digital divide and raise awareness among the future generation with changing technologies. ICT integration would require changes to various aspects of the delivery mechanism. SSA, Gujarat Transformed the concept of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) into the concept of interactivity in the Gyankunj classroom to achieve more interactivity in the teaching-learning process of classrooms and to reinforce teaching, learning and assessment through school digitization.

Improve interactivity in the classroom by advancing the teaching-learning process for teachers and students.
Reinforce the teaching, learning and evaluation process with the use of technology
Facilitate the understanding of each unit of the curriculum in the classroom through the use of technology as a medium.
The project is implemented in 1,609 primary schools in the State, providing an interactive e-class developed with smart whiteboards using technology in 3,173 classrooms from V to VIII.

The 3,173 classrooms are distributed in the 33 districts and 242 talukas (blocks) throughout the state. A total of 2.85 lakh students from Class V to VIII are taking advantage of this initiative.

With this scheme, the state government ensures to scale operations and increase the digital inclusion of the population. In addition, in phase 2, the project is implemented in 12,000 classrooms of Std.7 and Std.8 across the state with facilities such as short-throw projector, interactive whiteboard, laptop, speakers, learning management system (LMS). usage tracking software.


દીક્ષા એપ પર જ્ઞાનકુંજ 3.0 એંડ્રોઇડ ટીવીનો ઉપયોગ કેવી રીતે કરવો તેના કોર્સમાં જોડાવવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

With this scheme, students improve their IT skills and have the opportunity to learn through digital content. Our goal is to further improve access to primary education and achieve 100% enrollment by taking this initiative to the next level.

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